Don Davis

Artist: Don R Davis 

“My ongoing dedication to clay work is due to an enduring love for the material and the processes of forming and firing it. I cannot think of anything better to do. My first ceramic love was early American folk pottery, then Mediterranean, and Asian influences. For many years my work focused on vessel oriented wheel thrown porcelain. The duality indicated by the play between interior and exterior treatments keeps me constantly intrigued. More recently I am drawn to the most ancient forms, especially Jomon, Minoan, Etruscan, and prehistoric European. Hand built sculptural forms, figurative elements, and low temp techniques have now also become a major part of my creative output, inspired by my studies of ancient cultures and collaborations in experimental archaeology. While inspired by the ancients, I am also influenced by the environment around me and choose to let my work take it’s own contemporary direction as a cooperative effort between myself, the clay, and the fire.”